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Barbie Princess Bedroom – Barbie Morning Routine – Barbie Sisters Skipper Stacie Morning Routine

Barbie shows us her awesome morning routine. Barbie wakes up in her Barbie 3 story townhouse in a pink bedroom. Barbie does her bed and tidies her room. She then uses the elevator in the Barbie 3 story townhouse to go downstairs to meet Skipper and Stacie who are watching TV. She cooks Stacie and Skipper some breakfast. She then goes upstairs to brush her teeth, and take a bath in her 3 story townhouse. After this, she asks Skipper and Stacie to help Barbie with picking her morning outfit. But there’s so many beautiful dresses and outfits to choose from? Can you help Barbie pick her day’s outfit? Comment below your favourite.

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What is in this video:
Barbie princess bedroom – Barbie morning routine – Disney
Barbie house – Barbie bedroom – Barbie kitchen – Barbie bathroom
Barbie dress – Barbie necklace – Barbie jewelry
Barbie doll – Barbie morning routine
Barbie shower – Barbie breakfast + fridge

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