Smarson 3D Printing Pen Review

The Smarson 3D printing pen is ergonomic with a blue non slip rubber surrounding it. The pen is light weight and easy to use. Included in the box are: 3D printing pen, stand, power cable, instructions, and 4 rolls of filament. The stand is used for warming up, cooling down, or when the pen is not in use. I like that it comes with PLA filament, since it is environmentally friendly and biocompatibility with a human body. It is the safest of all the filaments. It is supposed to be order less and low warp. If there is an issue with the filament, try using ABS which is the same material Lego uses, and it’s a harder material. The coloring pigment might not be safe though and might be harmful. I am new to 3D pens so I had a big learning curve trying to use it. So choose wisely. I received this product for a discount in exchange for my honest, unbiased review.


• No clogging issues
• Stand for device
• LCD Screen
• Ergonomic
• Able to use ABS, PLA, and LEA
• Ability to be artistic
• Fun


• Extremely hazardous if it comes into contact with body (heat 250+ degrees)
• No auto shut off safety feature
• No unclogging feature
• No spatula

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